About Us

Careers Master is a brain child of The Student Hub which is an Edutech Organization that seeks to help students map their career path from the classroom to their future desired work place.We do this by creating an innovative self-exploration and planning software to engage students in the process of building their future. In short, we inspire and inform dreams.

Informing Dreams

CareersMaster is a product of 4 years of research masterminded by three friends fresh out of university who shared a big dream of their own. They wanted to create a life-changing career program that would engage and inspire a generation of career driven students.The current version of the product is one year old

What started as a dream is now a reality. And one that continues to evolve. Today, Career Master is the most popular online career guidance portal in Uganda

Why? Because our program is impactful. How do we know? Because it helps students reach their potential. And because people tell us, like this school counselor: “when students finally realize there are no boundaries, it’s fascinating to see their imaginations take off.”

Every student future ready

We created Careers Master with the firm belief that every student can succeed. Careers Master helps students discover the unique pathway that’s right for them using an investigative, discovery-based learning process that opens minds to exciting possibilities. As students gain self-knowledge through assessments and reflection, they save careers, schools, courses, and experiences to form a vibrant, visual roadmap that’s easy to update and share

Our Purpose

  1. To inform students about the potential in their dreams
  2. To initiate an early career conversation between parents, teachers and students
  3. To put education in a career perspective
  4. To support mentorship programs between students and professionals in the work place
  5. To inspire students to identify and value opportunities

Our Mission

"To be a reliable and most trusted source of career information and inspiration for all students"

Our Vision

"To inspire a generation of career driven students"

Map out your fulfilling career path to your desired future