We believe every student has the ability to achieve their potential in school, career and life.Careers Master helps them discover their purpose, design the future, lead with passion and ultimately achieve their dreams and aspirations

How we do it

How we help you map out your career path

School Subjects

Chemisty, Physics, Literature .... how relevant are they in life?. With CareersMaster,We help you redefine these subjects in a career perspective. We show you what subjects are essential for you to get your dream course and ultimately excel in your dream career

University Courses

We connect subjects to courses sharing with you where you should concentrate more. We share with you must know information before you apply for the course, fees structures and the relevance of the course you want to pursue

Career Paths

Every student is unique hence the motivation to share with you a unique and individualized career path that will lead you to a full filling occupation. We connect university courses with careers. We share what transpires in careers and what skills you need to excel

Work Places

Career Paths always converge in specific work places. We thus connect your career path to a work place thereby mapping out your career path from the classroom to the work place

Our Career Guidance Model

How we help you make the right career choice

Self Awareness

Students learn about themselves their interests, skills, preferences and aspirations—so they can explore the opportunities right for them

Career Exploration

They learn about career possibilities and educational pathways by exploring rich content about courses, careers and workplaces


Students match their interests,values and abilities with the available careers in the job market using a great set of tools in careersmaster

Action Plan

Students create an actionable plan that outlines the steps needed to achieve career, school and life goals set by the student

"Inspiring a generation of career informed and purpose driven students"

Our Toolbox

To fully meet your respective needs, CareersMaster contains following tools

Who we are targeting

The Student

Map out your career path from the classroom to your dream job

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The Parent

Be informed about your child's career aspirations every step of the way

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The Educator

Be informed about your students career interests. Plan better career fairs

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The Mentor

Bridge the gap between school and the workplace by sharing career insights

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Testimonials from the students that have careersmaster at school

"I rediscovered my passions and career interests and learnt what i should do to achieve my dream career"
Andrew Williams
Ebenezer Secondary School
"The career discovery tool was very helpful as it helped me assess my personality interests and suggested careers relevant to my abilities"
Arnold Muhumuza
Merryland High School
"This tool is very helpful to enable students to prepare for their futures"
Mr Kabuye Ibrahim
Teacher Ebenezer Secondary School

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